The Famous Food Delivery And Carpool In SEA

by Lucas

The selected corporation prioritizes services above products. In 2012, the creators of the firm, Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling, created a mobile application service specifically designed for reserving cabs. Upon the launching of the Grab Taxi app, they promptly enhanced their transportation service by introducing a taxi booking and dispatching system known as Grab Taxi. Additionally, they introduced Grab car, a private vehicle service with a set pricing. Obtain a range of high-end private transportation options from Grab. Grab Share is a carpooling service that provides a reduced rate, and Grab Wheels offers cost-effective eScooter rentals. formerly known as MyTeksi and GrabTaxi. Grab was established in 2011 as a business plan project for Harvard Business School, with the aim of providing a “Taxi Booking Service”. In 2012, the establishment of a firm named “MyTeksi” took place, which was later renamed as “GrabTaxi” in 2014. In 2016, after experiencing growth and expansion in the Southeast Asian industry, the company was rebranded as Grab Holdings INC., often known as Grab. Grab Holdings Inc. operates in several sectors including technology, transportation, service, delivery, e-commerce, online payment, financial services, vehicle rental, insurance, and online hotel bookings. This essay will explore the extent to which this particular firm has benefitted both itself and the communities it aims to assist, enabling it to establish widespread recognition and maintain ongoing operations. 

The firm has introduced app-based services, such as food delivery, which have since extended to include other types of deliveries. Additionally, users may use the app to pay bills and access other financial services.The concept of corporate social responsibility refers to the ethical and moral obligations that businesses have towards society and the environment. It involves taking actions that go beyond profit-making and contribute to sustainable development. Corporate social responsibility addresses the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations, such as poverty eradication, gender equality, climate action, and responsible consumption and production, among others. Grab is connected with several sorts of corporate social responsibility, including accountability to shareholders, employees, consumers, the environment, and society in general. These aforementioned characteristics include a range of sustainable development objectives, including eradicating poverty, promoting good health and well-being, achieving gender equality, fostering decent employment and economic growth, advancing industry, innovation, and infrastructure, and reducing inequality.

Grab Holdings Inc. chose Southeast Asia as its target area and demographic base, as stated in the Grab Social Impact Report 2018-2020. Their mission statement is that they want to advance Southeast Asia by enhancing the overall quality of life for all people. The company’s overall activity refers to the collective actions and operations carried out by the organization as a whole.

Implementing a large-scale effort to provide economic possibilities. This initiative facilitated work possibilities and livelihood activities that enabled a total of 9 million Micro entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia. Based on the Grab Social Impact Report, over 1 in 70 individuals in Southeast Asia have generated revenue using the Grab app. Extending beyond financial resources; Showing concern for the well-being of communities. The organization awarded educational scholarships totaling US$200,000 to around 1,000 driving partners in the area. In addition, their aim was to support the growth of small companies. This initiative created fresh possibilities for facilitating the cost-effective development of small and medium-sized enterprises by giving them access to a broader market via the application. Their goal was to enhance the empowerment of those with disabilities. Two activities featured in this program are Break the Silence, which supports the deaf and hearing impaired, and Grab Assist, which improves mobility for the disabled. Improved mobility enhances everyday life safety and facilitates the development of methods to mitigate traffic congestion. LookingAhead is an initiative designed to enhance the quality of life for individuals in Southeast Asia. The focus is directed at providing aid and making gifts to other charitable organizations, amounting to a total of $480,000. The COVID-19 at a Glance initiative contributed a sum of $40 million in US dollars to provide assistance throughout Southeast Asia. Under the GrabCare initiative, a total of 15,000 Driver-partners have consented to provide transportation services for medical workers, facilitating their commute to and from hospitals. By facilitating economic continuity, safeguarding lives, and as a result, helping small and medium-sized enterprises to establish an online presence and enhance their market reach and financial gains. Continued to grow its network of driver partners and focused more on the delivery industry. Amidst the outbreak, it also bolstered the demand for restaurants. In addition, they wanted to support frontline personnel and Through our partnership with the Philippines Red Cross, GrabRewards successfully raised 5.9 million to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers. Grab and the Department of Agriculture (DA) have joined forces to enable the empowerment of rural businesses through digitization. This collaboration allows residents of Metro Manila to conveniently order fresh vegetables and meats from the DA’s eKadiwa website and have them delivered by GrabExpress. This initiative aims to support local farmers and agribusiness owners. Planet: To ensure a sustainable future, we are working with our business partners to reduce our ecological footprint by eliminating the use of disposable plastic in the food delivery sector, beginning with packaging and utensils.

Grab Driver-partners now consider Grab to be a dependable and consistent source of income. Grab Misiskolar provided support to the wives of Grab driver-partners in acquiring the essential skills to supplement their husbands’ earnings while maintaining a pleasant lifestyle at home. GrabFood facilitated the expansion of customer base, visibility, and income for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). At now, the Grab platform offers job opportunities to more than 700 individuals who have disabilities, including those who are deaf, have cerebral palsy, or have movement impairments. Grab ensures the safety of users throughout their travels via the SaferEverydayTech Roadmap. Grab offers a wide range of transportation choices, which provide commuters more possibilities for traveling without a vehicle and enhance the existing public transit system. Passengers enjoy reduced fares, driver-partners earn more income, and the environment also benefits from Grab’s several shared transportation options (GrabHitch, GrabShare, and GrabShuttle). Optimizing traffic signal timings has the potential to alleviate traffic congestion on highways. City planners should enhance their decision-making process on the location of road infrastructure. Grab facilitated the acquisition of first bank accounts for 1.7 million Grab micro-entrepreneurs to support their business expansion.

Furthermore, Grab provides complimentary healthcare, life, motor, or extended medical leave insurance to 15% of its driver partners in Southeast Asia. Grab’s Group Personal Accident Insurance provides coverage for accidental death, permanent disability, and medical costs for both driving partners and passengers. Customers who use Grab may use GrabPay to make payments for rides, purchases made at physical stores, delivery services, and even peer-to-peer financial transfers. GrabPay serves as a simple, reliable, and secure substitute for cash transactions. In addition, users are able to monitor their purchases and accumulate GrabRewards points, which may be exchanged for a range of enticing rewards. GrabRewards offers millions of Grab clients a convenient option to contribute to charity and provide assistance to their fellow Southeast Asians. Offered a viable and enduring method of supporting oneself throughout the epidemic via the use of the app. The gifts provided crucial assistance to those directly involved in the frontlines.

In conclusion

Thus far, Grab Holdings INC. has actively engaged in and fulfilled its corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments. Their annual reports now provide valuable insights into their efforts to support the target demographic in Southeast Asia. Their objective is to enhance the standard of living for all individuals in Southeast Asia by implementing various strategies. By witnessing Grab Holdings, you had the opportunity to see their operational methods in the company and how they were able to have a significant beneficial impact on society. It’s like thinking of answers from the brainteasers on the internet just by how they dominated the market by doing good deeds. Grab has taken into account not just their own financial success, but also the potential impact of slot games on others, and how they might use their firm as a platform to achieve this. We have found that we can use our companies to advocate for issues that will have a positive impact on society.

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